I live in Nashville, Tennessee.  I am a teacher, a writer, and a performer.

Teacher: I am a Lecturer in the Department of Human & Organizational Development at Peabody CollegeVanderbilt University, where I teach a course on the meaning of work and help guide students through their capstone internship experience.

My teaching philosophy is based in creative practices such as theater and improv, and also in the mindsets of human-centered design. When I have time, I speak and lead workshops on communication and empathy in the workplace. 

Writer: I enjoy creative writing, especially fiction and memoir. You can read some of my writing here and here. Currently Iā€™m working on a a novel and some memoir pieces. I also write a weekly newsletter called Attendance is required.

Performer: In 2018 I wrote and performed in Frozen Moment, a devised performance piece inspired by the #metoo movement.  I curate an occasional variety show, the Love Circle Variety Show Hour, with my friend Jill and I also perform improv and musical improv locally in Nashville when I get the chance. I serve on the board of Actor's Bridge Studio and of Unscripted.

More about me: I'm a Double Dore - a two-time graduate of Vanderbilt University. I received my undergraduate degree in history and came back to complete a Master of Divinity at Vanderbilt Divinity School. 

I am currently both a teacher and a student. I'm working to complete my EdD at the University of South Carolina.

In my "spare time" I love reading, hanging out with my husband and daughter, and dreaming of being a clown.